LSEGA Diversity Statement

Leadership Southeast Georgia

LSEGA Diversity Statement

Dear LSEGA Community,

As an organization with the mission of connecting leaders across 10 counties in Coastal Georgia and strengthening each of these communities through positive, productive dialogue, we are compelled to address the current racial, economic and political climate of our nation.

We, Leadership Southeast Georgia, condemn systemic racism and hate crimes of any degree. We are hopeful for the future following Governor Kemp’s signing of House Bill 426, which will ensure that justice is served for all Georgians – regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation – and the recent Supreme Court’s ruling regarding LGBTQ rights in the workplace. In support of these decisions, we will continue to set an intentional path forward towards equality, diversity, and inclusiveness in our own program and the communities we serve.

Each year, our five leadership development sessions bring together an incredible cohort of civic, nonprofit, and business leaders, and we recognize the importance in both the level of diverse representation of class members and in the purposefulness of the conversations during our time together.

As such, we want to provide an overview of how we are continuing to strengthen our future programs.

Our recruitment process considers all aspects of diversity in developing a well-rounded class. We will recruit class members from organizations dedicated to equitable inclusion.

Our programming is structured to bring leaders together to learn and have conversations about issues crucial to our region, aiming to impact change through constructive debate. We have enhanced our programming to incorporate inclusive conversations about what equity and justice mean for people of every race, gender, and sexual identity.

Our committee on equity and diversity is charged with holding us all accountable while exploring and recommending best practices. Members include Brianne Yontz, Dawn Baker, Erica Backus, Jason Coley, Jeff Grant, Kendria Lee, MarRonde Lumpkin-Lotson, Robert Grant and Tanya Milton.

Our mission statement is “to equip, empower and connect community leaders to help them promote positive growth and improve the quality of life in the Southeast Georgia region.” Our Board will continue to examine this statement to ensure it reflects our shared values of diversity and inclusiveness.

On behalf of the board who approved this message and the committee that recommended it, I commit that Leadership Southeast Georgia will be a diverse and inclusive program with the intention of helping to produce stronger, healthier, and more prosperous communities for future generations.

Respectfully yours,
Brynn Grant
LSEGA Board of Directors

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