LSEGA Nomination

Selection Process

The nomination period for the Class of 2024 is now closed. Nominees have until August 31st to submit their application.


Potential applicants may self-nominate or be nominated by Leadership Southeast Georgia alumni or other regional leaders.


A selection committee made up of Leadership Southeast Georgia alumni will make a conscious effort to ensure the class reflects the geographical, racial, cultural, life experience, and gender balance between the profit, non-profit, public, and voluntary sectors of the region.

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Business and community leaders from the 10-county region with proven records of community service. There is a preference given to the graduates of local leadership programs.




The program runs for five sessions over a five-month period.  For most sessions, the program will run from Thursday morning to Friday at noon (with the exception of the first and last sessions which are two nights and two full days).  Each session will take place in a different county.




Program fees are $ 3,000 per person and include meals, materials, and shared lodging. Private lodging is available by request and not included in program fees.  Limited support may be available to provide partial, need-based assistance to candidates who expect to bear some or all of the program fees personally.


Leadership Southeast Georgia participants are selected through a competitive process conducted by members of the LSEGA Board of Directors.  Individuals interested in the program may submit an application independently or they may be nominated.  Letters of support may also be submitted in reference to the individual being nominated or applying.  Up to thirty (30) individuals will be chosen each year based on these criteria:


  • Residence – Must reside or work in the county through which they are applying.
  • Commitment – Expresses a desire to contribute both time and energy toward serving the ​community.
  • Growth – Demonstrates professional growth qualities, volunteerism, or a steward of leadership from previous or current involvement or identify an area they seek to be involved.
  • Interest – Expresses sincere interest in learning.  Demonstrates broad interest and understanding of the Southeast Georgia area.
  • Participation – Expresses ability to contribute to a group process.  Agrees to commit to all five sessions, to participate in class project, or other projects as assigned. Has employers full support to participate.
  • Teachability – Portrays motivation and commitment to serve the community.  Communicates openness and willingness to learn new things.
  • Follows Directions – Application submitted prior to/by deadline.
  • Thoughtful & Complete Application Submission


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